Our Services

    - Design and execution of various buildings, to include edifices, schools, hotels, health centers, industrial compounds, cooled and ordinary storehouses and sheds.

    - Supply, installation and operation of powertransformer plants and LV and MVIines.

    - Supply and installation of power generators of all sizes, from best international origins, 20 kva to 2000 KVA capacities.

    - Construction of potable water plants, up to 5,000 m3/hr capacity.

    - Construction of waste and sewage water pumping stations, and the supply of all their equipments

    - Supply of prefab concrete, and deliverthe same to the projects' worksites.

    - Various road works, to include planning, backfilling, pavement, works of road medians and pavements.

    - Execution of various rehabilitation projects of buildings and utilities, to include the rehabilitation of the buildings damaged as a result of the recent circumstances in Iraq.

    - Design and execution of heating and cooling systems and supply all their requirements, to include HVAC systems of various capacities and sizes

    - Design and execution of various works of internal design for houses, departments, factories, exhibitions, hotels, hospitals, schools, auditoria and Governmental buildings.

    - Supply of all types of building materials, systems, machines, equipments and furniture.

    - Design, execution and supply of fixed and movable caravans for various applications.

    - Supply of all requirements of schools, colleges, health centers and hospitals.

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