Construction and building of a 5 star tourism hotel in Wasset (currently University)


    Building a residential complex (400 sousing apartments) in Wasset Governorate


    Paving and Asfalting all alMowafaqya village in Wasset Province as a partner with AlAqball Company

    Constructing many small bridge in Abu Beshoot Maysan Province


    Rehabilitation of the French culturd Center in Baghdad


    Rehabilitation 20 state school in Dyiala province


    Rebuilding of the state office in hibhib in Diyala province


    Supply, install and operate a standby power plant in Diyala province
    Rehabilitation and pavement of roads in Hussainia district in Wasit province Laying of drinking water pipelines (UPVC/ ductile) in Wasit province Supply and install generators to the military base in Kut province Supply and install and operate an Asphalt plant in Dhiqar province

    Constructing of barracks at a military base in Abu Ghraib - Baghdad


    Supply install and operate a drinking water plant (1 million Gallons cap.) In Wasit province


    Lay out sewage and drainage lines and paving the streets and sidewalks and lighting the amusement park in Wasit province in 2007

    Set up electricity network in the Wasit province belo oil center with Ahdab oil


    Set up networks of electricity in the province of Diyala (electricity peace villages Ali al-Hadi and Khafaja)


    Building services caravan for workers with stores belonging to the company Ahdab oil (oil center)


    Furnish Al.Najaf municipality building -province Governorate ministry of municipalities and public works

    Construction of a foot ball Stadium in Hai Jamilla -Baghdad


    Construction of a Theatre in Hai Jamilla - Baghdad 


    Building a medical clinic in Baghdad / Salhiya District near Baghdad with the DIA humanitarian organization Supply, install and operate of water pumps, (quantity 6) '100 HP in Diyala province, with the DIA humanitarian organization

    Reconsrtuction of the prophet Ayoub shrine in hella e shiite endowment department 


    Project of Imam Baker Bin Ali Shrine in Babylon Province



    Project of reconstruction of Imam Abu-Al-Hassan A--Sabsee Shrine in Wasit cooperation with Al-Eqbal company Implementation of (4) feeders in Al-Hebna station - Directorate general for Al-Karkh Electricity distribution 

    Project of rehabilitation of Electrical network for district of 413 Alkathumain



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